How to deal with a nasty neighbour, other than move…..


Your home is a crucial space with many roles, from kingdom and escape to hangout and comfort zone. It just isn’t right when noisy, obnoxious or disrespectful neighbors begin encroaching on your hallowed space and making life intolerable.

I once had a couple of drug addicts living above me; complete with a rotating assembly of losers stomping and shouting over hardwood floors. The worse they became, the more I obsessed about them. I lost sleep entertaining impotent fantasies that ranged from the pathetic and passive like stealing their bills and ruining their credit to borderline homicidal. My life as a good neighbor was unfairly in turmoil. Until I had an epiphany: They were getting the best of me.

These twits were upsetting the sanctity of my hermitage and I was damned if I was going to let someone get the best of me on my own turf. I made a belt of thorns from my anger and stuck it into the side of any official that mattered… and I won. Read on to learn how to deal with your aggravating neighbors.



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