Hamilton Real Estate Market Trends



Rosemary and Steve Marsh have moved Business Insurance Services from Burlington to the downtown core, one of the small signs officials point to that Hamilton’s core is on the mend. (Samantha Craggs/CBC)

Downtown making slow, sure gains

More businesses, more jobs, more people looking for a good restaurant

  • Steve and Rosemary Marsh weren’t prepared for the attention they got when they moved their Business Insurance Services office from Burlington to downtown Hamilton.

They were located on Plains Road East. Three weeks ago, they moved to 231 Main St. W. The office only has four full-time employees, but the day after Steve Marsh signed the lease, Mayor Bob Bratina called him.

“I said, ‘We’re just a small business,’ ” Marsh recalled. “But people seem excited that we came from Burlington. Everyone seems to be going to Burlington. There are a lot of great reasons to come to Hamilton.”

The Marshes represent what could be called a slow but sure revitalization of Hamilton’s…



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