Hamilton Real Estate Ten Years


Here is the overview of what has happened in Hamilton Real Estate in the past decade.

The choice of colour from the CBC Hamilton is not so clear but you will get the idea.

You see the one and only corner that has experienced an increase of around 33%?

That is the area bordering the Red Hill Creek Expressway the commuter alley.

This area is populated by older people who settled here when this was THE subdivision to move into, in the mid 60’s.

 Homes are not sprawling, but they are on large, generous lots with tree lined streets and  every amenity you can think off within walking distance, on the Nash-Centennial-Queenston corridor.

A beautiful (but dated) bungalow can still be found  South  of Queenston Road  for around 250,000.

 Newer homes are in the Greenhill/Mt. Albion area. 

 If I was looking for a home or an investment property this is where I would be looking right now.

Contact me if you’d like some more insight into what the market is doing in this area. 


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