$500,000 worth of housing in Toronto vs. in Hamilton

City Brokerage: Hamilton’s preferred Real Estate Office

What you get in Toronto for $500,000

A $519,000 condo that resides in Riverside. It is close to many commuting options including two major streetcar lines, Eastern Avenue and Lakeshore, and the DVP. The condo comes fully furnished, including all light fixtures and the art on the walls. Overall a good choice if you are looking to start over from scratch.

Here’s a bungalow in a decent part of Scarborough. Not exactly the most up-to-date house, but for $525,000 it’s definitely solid and even gets some nice light flowing through it. It’s on a corner lot, and is close to parks and schools. The kitchen requires updating.

This is a semi-detached three bedroom house, backing onto a ravine. It’s not quite Upper Beaches, however is close enough to walk/bike to the beach easily, and it comes with original stained glass and a wood-burning fireplace. For $549,000 you get a pretty solid all-round package: decent-sized rooms with hardwood floors. (although similar to the previous house, this one’s kitchen unfortunately requires updating).

Another semi-detached house, this time for $549,000 on a tiny street in Leslieville. This house doesn’t look like much from the outside, but at least it has a pretty good kitchen—amazing cupboard space, new fridge and gas stove. The listing claims there are three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and an oversized deck, but hasn’t provided photos of them.

What you get in Hamilton for $500,000


This house is located in the Ancaster area and has many amazing features: four bedrooms, 2 full baths, one half bath, and a finished basement. No necessary upgrading required.


The above is a Century commercial building located in the hub of downtown Hamilton, meters away from the Lister Block. That’s right, for the price of a condo in Toronto you could buy four floors of space in Downtown Hamilton. The main floor is for commercial purposes while the three floors above it are for residential purposes (and in need of some remodeling).


This is 2600 square feet of beauty located on the Hamilton Mountain. It includes four bedrooms, a main floor family room, astonishing granite counters, as well as a finished basement. No upgrading necessary, ready to move in!


This house resides just off of the Red Hill Expressway. There is 78 feet of frontage, four bedrooms, and 2400 sq feet of luxurious living space.

With only a little bit of research it is obvious that Hamilton real estate gives you the more bang for your buck! Perfect for nearly anyone seeking to get the most square foot for their money. They are also nearly always in well-kept conditions that are proven good enough to move into right after your down payment. If this is hard to believe, you can check it out yourself!\

Information for the first half of this post taken from http://toronto.curbed.com/archives/2014/02/19/what-you-can-get-for-around-500000-in-toronto.php

City Brokerage: Hamilton’s preferred Real Estate Office


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