Creative architect custom-fits home out of narrow driveway space

City Brokerage: Hamilton’s preferred Real Estate Office


After being hired to build the home right next door, Canadian architect Rohan Walters bought the adjacent 473-square-foot driveway, with the intention of squeezing in a little home for himself. Tightly bordered on both sides, Walter’s desired plot of downtown Toronto land measured at only twelve feet wide and thirty-nine feet long. However, by adding multiple floors, the architect’s end result was a 1,076-square-foot ‘Driveway House’ that feels surprisingly spacious and stylish.


The ground floor: the slim home makes room for an open living room and kitchen space—which opens directly on to the street.

One floor up, there is a bedroom and “multi-functional bath, utility and laundry room.”

At the very top is yet another, (more private) bedroom nook, and a super-cool rooftop deck. Built out of cinder blocks and “high performance insulation”, the compact little space is both impressively eco-friendly and energy efficient. Walters claims that monthly utilities for this space comes to only about $100 a month.


This story is a great depiction of what creativity in the real estate business can result in. Many have called this project genius given how outgoing and exceptional it is. Projects like this (involving miniature homes) have happened before, but never where it was previously a driveway!

City Brokerage: Hamilton’s preferred Real Estate Office



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