New Hamilton GO Station

The idea for the new Go Station gained traction with the Nine Big Moves. This list consisted of 9 big developments including high-order connectivity to the Pearson Airport Districts from surrounding GTA regions and an expanding Union Station. Being a $16 billion dollar project, there were a couple tall orders, one of those being the set-up of a system of interconnected mobility hubs. These mobility hubs are major transit stations scattered across the GTHA, there are 51 being built to date. This is where Hamilton’s Go Station comes into play.


A study was conducted of the region and presented to the Planning Committee in September. The new Go Station will be located on James Street North in the Hamilton-LIUNA hub. It is scheduled to open in the summer of 2015, with some work expected to continue after the opening.

A community request was imputed to provide some greenery. An idea was developed to create a balance between concrete elements and green landscaping. Metrolinx has decided to plant over 150 trees, small area of grass and 2,000 perennials. Trees are expected to mature and provide shade within 5 years.

Along with the greenery aspect of the new Go Station, there has been an outpour of requests for public art to be a factor in the décor of the hub. Metrolinx along with the City of Hamilton are finalizing an agreement to commission a medium scale of public art.

The image below depicts what it to be expected of the new hub! The structure will be fully enclosed in glass for a beautiful view of the waterfront and all surrounding areas. Part of the plan is to open a small retail area inside the station.



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