McMaster University Real Estate!

Mcmaster University Home Rentals Student Rentals Real Estate Market Hamilton Homes for Sale Mountain Downtown Stoney Creek West End Westdale

Mcmaster University Home Rentals Student Rentals Real Estate Market Hamilton Homes for Sale Mountain Downtown Stoney Creek West End Westdale

Where there are students, there are opportunities for investors. McMaster University, home to over 30,000 students, pertains a large residential area opposite and adjacent to the main campus. This gives investors the opportunity to provide students with nearby housing accommodations and rentals. If you or someone you know is looking to make an investment please click here and fill out the form, and I will respond directly to your email in less than 24 hours with listings and information in regard to the area!

 Real Estate Investing Using Student Rental Properties

When learning about real estate investing, you definitely want to hear this debate… There are two sides of the same coin when dealing with student rental properties: 

There is one group of investors that say student housing is the end all and be all when it comes to generating income through investments. And then there’s the group that has owned them and will never touch one again.

Why such different opinions in this real estate market? Well, different opinions are based on different experiences. Most student rental houses cash flow extremely well. Student homes hold anywhere from four to eight, sometimes even more, students at a time, this generates high monthly rental income. Definitely higher cash flow than if you rented out the house to a single family.

“Yeah, but what’s the whole story?”

So what’s the other side of the coinYou’ve already guessed it I’m sure.

Student rentals require hands on management. Compared to regular single family home rental properties these have more maintenance issues and sometimes awkward vacancy challenges. With five, six, seven, even 9 students in one house there are going to be times when you have to deal with a broken window, door, light fixture, lock, washer/dryer, etc. But with the right connections, you can find all the above for cheap prices.

Students don’t care for the quality, they just care if it works. Another thing to keep in mind when you learn about real estate investing is how you will handle vacancies. And if one student can’t stand another after a few months they may just pack up and leave. If they break the lease and walk out you’re only real recourse is small claims court.

It can be difficult to find a student who wants to move into a house where they don’t know anyone, right in the middle of a term. You can get a good idea about the prices paid by students for housing by checking out the college or university housing website. They all have them…. click here for an example of McMaster University’s.

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