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Hamilton’s Housing Market to Continue Hot Streak into the New Year

Major Canadian bank economists say Hamilton will continue to be one of the strongest housing markets in the country in 2015.


Some predictions are even more striking.

“For 2015-2016, Hamilton is the only city where we actually have home prices growing over the two years,” said TD real estate economist Diana Petramala.

The TD analysis looks at the largest 14 cities in Canada.

‘For 2015-2016, Hamilton is the only city where we actually have home prices growing over the two years.’- TD real estate economist Diana Petramala

Over the last few years, Hamilton’s housing market has been hot, often ahead of the pack in how much prices rose or how many homes sold. The market has been a frequent talking point, its strength touted as evidence of the city’s vibrancy.

Hamilton, where prices rose six per cent last year, has been experiencing the kind of sales and price activity more typical in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto. While the rest of the country may wonder about the continued strength of local housing markets, Hamilton appears poised to remain hot in 2015.

BMO Financial Group economists expect national housing prices to “scratch out a small gain” in 2015, said chief economist Doug Porter.

No scratching expected in Hamilton.

“I have to say the dynamics in Hamilton looks to be one of the firmer markets in the country,” Porter said.

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A Hundred Years of Toronto’s Architectural Past


What would you experience if you were to stand in one spot in downtown Toronto for the past 100 years? This video answers that question for you. Journey through Toronto’s architectural history, seeing both past and current landmarks. Some areas look familiar even today, and some don’t.

Click here to see the video!

Multi-Family Investing: Do Not Attempt

Don’t misinterpret the title of this column; ‘do not attempt’ does not mean do not ‘do.’

When you decide to progress to multi-family investing the margin for error is much smaller than when buying single family properties, which means you must enter into the multi-family investing category not as something you are going to try, but armed and ready to do it, and do it properly. (See more…)

Hamilton vs. Ontario on idea of ‘mid-peninsula highway’


The city is spending a million dollars on studies for a future urban boundary expansion that is currently opposed by the province, in fact it is constantly being challenged at the Ontario Municipal Board.

It’s another problem where council stands in direct opposition to provincial policies, with at least one instance leading a cabinet minister to describe where the city stands as “ridiculous”. That was Minister of Transportation Glenn Murray, when he responded to the demand of the majority of councilors for a resurrection of the mid-peninsula highway. (See more)

Hamilton to host the 2015 JUNO Awards! We sure love our music

ImageHamilton was recently selected as the city that will host next year’s JUNO Awards! Just further proof that we love our music.

The Juno Awards are presented annually to Canadian musical bands and artists in order to acknowledge their artistic achievements. This week, Hamiltonian representatives will be travelling to Winnipeg for this year’s JUNO Awards in order to help generate excitement for next year’s awards here in Hamilton. (See more)

Bad neighbours can ruin your chances of selling!



A bad neighbour can not only be a nuisance, but can also completely destroy the chances of you selling your house. Irritating neighbours easily wreck the value of nearby houses, dropping the price considerably through even the smallest of acts.

Bad neighbours can appear an any price range or type of neighbourhood there is, be it a lower-income townhouse subdivision or an upscale ‘golf community’ neighbourhood.

Any of these following scenarios can definitely be turn-offs to potential buyers:


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Ravenscliffe Castle, 1881, now for sale!


Most people love castles: they look amazing and are great historical and architectural reminders. The visual appeal is unbeatable (even for modernists) and the inside makes you feel cozy. That’s why it’s big news that the Ravenscliffe Castle here in Hamilton has recently went up for sale again. The price is $1.75 million, and that’s surprisingly not bad a price. Hell, I’ve seen bachelor pads in NYC that have costed more. (See more)

Would you pay more to keep Hamilton’s sidewalks clean during the winter?

Ice slip

The City of Hamilton trims its trees, takes care of its busy roads, plants flowers for boulevards, and even cuts grass for city-owned medians. One of the things it doesn’t do is keep its sidewalks clean of snow and other unfortunate weather conditions brought upon by the winter (I’m looking at you, slush). (See more)

Developer wants to demolish James Street Baptist Church next month

james baptist

If the demolition permit of developer Louie Santaguida passes, we can expect that at some point next month, the baptist church located on James Street (near Jackson Square and the GO station) will be torn down. I can guarantee nearly all Hamiltonians have seen it at one point or another, I mean how can you miss it given its architecture and location? It’s an absolutely beautiful and memorable building that adds meaning to our city by being there. (See more)

Multiple Offer Competition in Hamilton


Hamilton…a sellers market for sure! How to win in multiple offers competition.

It has been painful this winter in Hamilton.

The weather has been brutally cold, yet despite temperatures of minus twenty, my clients are out and about looking at homes. There is a shortage of listings and buyers are clamoring to fight over anything decent. I’m sure everyone knows about the house on West 5th that got over 40 offers on it. It seems like my ends are full of showing houses, clients putting in offers, going to offer presentations, and then going home empty handed.

In order to ‘win’ a multiple offer competition on a listing, (See more)