New Hamilton GO Station

The idea for the new Go Station gained traction with the Nine Big Moves. This list consisted of 9 big developments including high-order connectivity to the Pearson Airport Districts from surrounding GTA regions and an expanding Union Station. Being a $16 billion dollar project, there were a couple tall orders, one of those being the set-up of a system of interconnected mobility hubs. These mobility hubs are major transit stations scattered across the GTHA, there are 51 being built to date. This is where Hamilton’s Go Station comes into play.


A study was conducted of the region and presented to the Planning Committee in September. The new Go Station will be located on James Street North in the Hamilton-LIUNA hub. It is scheduled to open in the summer of 2015, with some work expected to continue after the opening.

A community request was imputed to provide some greenery. An idea was developed to create a balance between concrete elements and green landscaping. Metrolinx has decided to plant over 150 trees, small area of grass and 2,000 perennials. Trees are expected to mature and provide shade within 5 years.

Along with the greenery aspect of the new Go Station, there has been an outpour of requests for public art to be a factor in the décor of the hub. Metrolinx along with the City of Hamilton are finalizing an agreement to commission a medium scale of public art.

The image below depicts what it to be expected of the new hub! The structure will be fully enclosed in glass for a beautiful view of the waterfront and all surrounding areas. Part of the plan is to open a small retail area inside the station.



Hamilton Infrastructure Developments!

Injected with a slew of investors who fuel the economic needs this city deeply deserves; it’s been looking up for Hamilton in recent years. The construction of condominiums, hotels and offices has all been part of this city’s expanding agenda. With condominium sales skyrocketing up to 20% more than previous years, it is no surprise such infrastructures are in their developing stages. Such buildings will give Hamilton a positive economic push. Now we’re looking at a brand new GO Station hub for which construction will be completed summer 2015.

Let’s take a look at what this city has to be proud of in the coming years!

The Connolly


A mixture of history and modernism, this avant-garde condominium will bring social, environmental and economic benefits to James Street. This infrastructure will capture the streets history and culture with the preservation of the James Street Baptist Church. Aside from the industrial benefit, it also deepens this city’s beauty.

Homewood Suites & Staybridge Suites

hotel hotel2

Both buildings are fully constructed and are operating. These two massive hotels bring a new source of energy to the downtown core. Being just a few meters away from the nightlife district, the main focus of these hotels is to attract visitors to our city! Both infrastructures were constructed by the same developer that created this next building…

150 Main Street West Residential Lofts

150main 150main2 150main3

Chic, upbeat, and a breath of fresh air are just a few ways to describe this new development. These residential lofts will rejuvenate the downtown core of Hamilton. Attached to the Homewood Suites hotel, the building features an indoor pool you can enjoy year round, a relaxing patio, party room for special occasions and a fitness room to avoid ever having to go too far to get a good work out!

Month of September a BOOM in Real Estate

Following the summer trend, real estate has grown in property listings, prices and sales for the month of September-with record setting numbers. The Year of the Horse, so far, has been predominantly successful. Back in late 2013, REALTORS® Association of Hamilton-Burlington (RAHB) President Tim Mittoli predicted a successful year, stating “We can be cautiously optimistic for 2014, we’re looking at a pretty good year again.” For more on the Real Estate Forecast for 2014 click here.


Although the month of January had a drop in property listings compared to the previous year, the average sale price was $395,445, a 9.3 per cent increase compared to January of 2013, things were looking up for 2014. As the year proceeded, the month of May set a sales record. The RAHB website reported a 4.1 per cent increase in sales compared to May of last year and set a new record for sales in any month up to then. Summer was around the corner and although sales were high, inventory was low. Still, there was an exceptional real estate market in July and a strong finish to the summer in August.

There were 2017 properties listed in September, an increase of 2.3 per cent over the same month last year. The average sale price went up 5.3 per cent for the month. Actual overall residential sales were 6.7 per cent higher than the previous year. Sales in the condominium market saw an astonishing jump-a total increase of 19.9 per cent. The average sale price in the condominium market increased 17 per cent when compared to the same period last year. There was the same amount of new listings compared to September 2013 but sales were almost 20 per cent higher, hence the considerably fewer condo listings in inventory at end of month. The downside was that the average days on sale increased from 42 to 44 days-a small price to pay for such a successful outcome in sales.

The chart below depicts stats in the residential, freehold, commercial and condominium market


A Hundred Years of Toronto’s Architectural Past


What would you experience if you were to stand in one spot in downtown Toronto for the past 100 years? This video answers that question for you. Journey through Toronto’s architectural history, seeing both past and current landmarks. Some areas look familiar even today, and some don’t.

Click here to see the video!

Multi-Family Investing: Do Not Attempt

Don’t misinterpret the title of this column; ‘do not attempt’ does not mean do not ‘do.’

When you decide to progress to multi-family investing the margin for error is much smaller than when buying single family properties, which means you must enter into the multi-family investing category not as something you are going to try, but armed and ready to do it, and do it properly. (See more…)

How tall can buildings possibly get? New kilometer-high tower being built


We’ve all heard the saying “the sky’s the limit” and maybe it truly is. The world’s first kilometre-high tower is currently being built in Saudi Arabia, planned to be finished by 2018. That’s 1001 metres. For comparisons sake, the Empire State Building stands 381 metres tall. The current tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, stands 828 metres tall.

Named The Kingdom Tower, it will have 12 escalators and 59 elevators, some of which will be able to travel 36 kilometers per hour. Unusually large-scale buildings require an unusual amount of internal infrastructure. (See more)

City Brokerage has a new location!!

After almost a full year at our old James St. location, we’ve decided that it’s time for a change of scenery!

City Brokerage has moved to 793 Main Street East as of this past Monday.


Bigger and better than ever before. Beautiful, isn’t it?


For All Your Real Estate Needs!

Hamilton vs. Ontario on idea of ‘mid-peninsula highway’


The city is spending a million dollars on studies for a future urban boundary expansion that is currently opposed by the province, in fact it is constantly being challenged at the Ontario Municipal Board.

It’s another problem where council stands in direct opposition to provincial policies, with at least one instance leading a cabinet minister to describe where the city stands as “ridiculous”. That was Minister of Transportation Glenn Murray, when he responded to the demand of the majority of councilors for a resurrection of the mid-peninsula highway. (See more)

Hamilton punk band Teenage Head getting book written about them!


“Once upon a time, Hamilton let some amazing noise loose on the world.”

The above is from the preface of the book named Gods of the Hammer: The Teenage Head Story, written by Geoff Pevere. 

If you haven’t heard of Teenage Head, they were easily one of the most popular Canadian punk rock bands during the early 1980s. The group was formed in Hamilton by Frankie Venom, Gord Lewis, Steve Mahon and Nick Stipanitz. They had hit songs such as Let’s Shake, Picture My Face, and Top Down. (See more)

Recap of Around the Bay 2014, Hamilton Road Race

ImageThousands upon thousands of runners, from Olympian alumni to complete novices, came to downtown Hamilton on Sunday morning for the race. It’s the oldest of its kind in North America, and features both 30-kilometre and five-kilometres courses, as well as two relay races, depending on what sort of running style you prefer.

The starting gun for the 30-km race went off at 9:30 am, with top competitors ensuring they were the first ones out of the gate. The Around the Bay Road Race is an athletic competition just as much as it is a ‘festival of fitness’ if you will. Runners have the option to take it in a competitive light or to simply go to enjoy themselves and be healthy. (See more)