Premier Announces $1B Plan for LRT Route

Ontario’s Premier, Kathleen Wynne, announced Tuesday, May 26th, that Hamilton will be introducing a LRT system planned to operate from McMaster University to East Hamilton’s Eastgate Square. The route will look like this:



The system would target McMaster Universities 25,000+ students and staff. It would also draw McMaster’s Healthcare Centre patients and staff along with families going to the Children’s Hospital.

Between McMaster and Eastgate Square, there would be a total of 16 street-stops in between. From McMaster, the line proceeds east along Main Street W. over Highway 403 on a yet-to-be-designed bridge over to King St. W. to go into downtown.


Here’s what a stop would look like on King St. West.


This is the eastern terminus of the existing bus B-line, and was the original end of the line for the LRT route. Tuesday’s announcement indicates that at first, the LRT line will go only part of the way to Eastgate. That would leave the eastern end of the city off of the economic uplift radar, at least for now.

Want to feel like you’re actually riding the rails? Watch a video of portions of the route: